What Not to List on Your International Business Resume

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When writing your resume, there are many items you need to include.  However, there are just as many that you need to omit.  When applying for an international business job, you will want to make sure your resume is professional and up-to-date as well as free of extraneous information.  Making certain you do not include the following can help you clean up your resume and have it ready for that next big job application.

Here are a few things not to include on your resume:

  • work history that has nothing to do with the job you are applying for. The fact that you worked cutting grass when you were 16 will likely have little to do with landing an international business job.
  • hobbies that do not have anything to do with international business.  You may have won a prize for your cake decorating but it probably hasn’t developed any skills pertinent to the job you are applying for.
  • memberships to clubs and associations that are not related to international business. Belonging to the NRA is fine but it has nothing to do with international business and should not be on your resume.
  • personal information. Resumes should not include personal information such as your physical description, religious affiliation, or number of dependents.  Your potential employer cannot ask this information and cannot base hiring on it either so there is no need for this information to be on your resume.

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