Updating Your Facebook Page to Land Your Next International Business Job

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If you are hoping to find a new job in the field of international business, then it may be time to do a little Facebook update to prepare for your job search.  With over 80 percent of companies using social media as part of their hiring process, you definitely need to be aware of what you are putting out into the social media network prior to your job search.

First, though most of us use Facebook to show off our cute kids or adorable pets, it is important to remember that if you plan to network in search of a job you should network YOU and not Rover.  Therefore, update your photo to a professional headshot of yourself, not you with your two years olds birthday cake in your hair but you, looking like an international business professional.

Next, update your privacy settings and monitor it regularly. Change your settings to limit public access to your picture and bio only, maybe a contact email address. Limit the viewing of your family photos and status updates to Friends Only.

Lastly, update your bio to include information on your skills, education, and experience.  Ensure that you let people know you are job searching and utilize appropriate international business keywords that might be used to search Facebook for job candidates. If you update your status to include you are job searching, you never know what friend might forward your name to a company or colleague that might be interested in you. Make certain that you can be found easily, have an updated bio with the important information easy to read, and a way to contact you that is visible.

Social media is everywhere and it can be your friend or foe in today’s job market. Make sure you use it to work for you and help you find the next international business job you are searching for.

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