Tips for Preparing Your International Business Resume

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It doesn’t matter whether you are looking to move up in international business or you are fresh out of school looking for your first job, a resume is imperative to job search success.  Your resume makes your first impression, not only highlighting your education and experience, but shows your professionalism and creativity that can make you stand out from the crowd of international business job applicants.

First, you will want to emphasize your education and experience.  Even if the experience is not directly related to international business, you can highlight it in a way that makes it applicable to the job for which you are applying. This is important when creating your resume. Next, be sure to emphasize skills that are applicable to the prospective international business job as well as straight education and work experience.

Lastly, make yourself stand out from the crowd. Be sure there are no typos, questionable statements or important information that is left off the resume. Be clear and concise; a prospective company does not have a lot of time to read pages of editorial on your work history and education to narrow down the applicants to those they wish to call for an interview. Be sure to state what is important. Memberships to groups that have nothing to do with international business will likely have no bearing on your getting the job and are best left off the resume. Space fillers will only appear to be space fillers.

Make the resume applicable to the job for which you are applying and keep it to one page. You are best to state your education, work experience, and skills concisely, which will give you something on which to elaborate during your interview.

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