Tips for Negotiating Your International Business Salary

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Once you have gotten the international business job, you work is not over.  Now is the time to make certain you negotiate the salary and benefits you desire and do it smartly.

#1 – Ask for more than you ultimately want.  It is good to start salary negotiations at a higher number than what you are willing to do the job for.  A good point is to ask for 10% to 20% more than your baseline desired salary.

#2 – Don’t Undersell Yourself. Yes, you want that international business job but asking for a salary that is too low can make you appear less professional and possibly desperate.  This is not a good image to start with.  Do your research to ensure you are asking for an appropriate salary.

#3 – Remember the Value of Benefits.  If the job you have sought has a base salary below what you are interested in, you may be able to make up the difference.  Many companies offer benefits to subsidize salaries.  Consider the cost of health care benefits, gym membership, child care costs and even mileage reimbursements and car allowances.  Remember – there are more benefits available than just vacation day.  Don’t be afraid to negotiate with benefits.

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