Staying Focused on an Important International Business Project

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As an international business professional, you will have many times when you have a deadline that must be met or a task that suddenly becomes a top priority for you.  When this happens, knowing how to keep yourself focused on the task at hand is imperative to job success.

Here are some tips to get focused and stay focused on any task or project you must get through immediately:

  • Schedule time to work on the task – clear your schedule, cancel unimportant meetings, and schedule breaks and other tasks that need to be completed
  • Minimize interruptions – turn off ringers on phones during scheduled work time, turn off the Internet, including email, if you do not need it directly for the project, hang up a sign indicating when you will be available for appointments and conversation so others know you are working during your schedule time
  • Work in small bursts – schedule 15-30 minutes on a particular aspect of the project or task and then schedule a break or work on another task such as checking email or returning a call for another specific amount of time before returning to the next part of the project or task
  • Prioritize tasks involved in the project – breaking down the task or project and then working on sections is the best way to get through it quickly and efficiently
  • Get up and stretch – getting up from your desk and out of your office will give you a minute to clear your head and take a break before you have to refocus on the task again

Following a few of these tips can get you focused and working efficiently on any task.  Learning to utilize these time management skills can be instrumental in your success as an international business professional.

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