Smart International Business Professionals Are Smart About Their Personal Finances Too

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As an international business professional, you may be working with the finances of your company or you may not.  However, whether finance is a part of your daily job or not is irrelevant when it comes to your personal finances.  Personal finances are obviously always a part of your daily life.

You may be wondering what your personal finances have to do with your job.   In today’s competitive job market, and in a society where information is so easy to access, your personal finances can have a lot to do with your job whether you realize it or not.

If you are just trying to get your first international business job, as you are applying for jobs, many companies will run a background check.  This has been common practice for years.  However, it has become increasingly common for companies to also run a credit check.  Companies have begun to realize that seeing how responsible an applicant is with their personal finances can be indicative of the type of employee they will be. Being irresponsible financially may, in fact, cost you your next job.

Even if you already have secured your job, being financially irresponsible could affect your job security.  Some companies have begun to require intermittent credit checks, especially if you do handle your company’s finances in any way. Plus, having creditors call your work can end up being very disruptive to your work and your co-workers.

Being smart with your personal finances will show your employee that you are responsible with your own finances and therefore can be trusted to be responsible with anything having to do with the company.  As an international business professional, you are often put in a position of trust with the company and showing you are a responsible person will make your company more comfortable about continuing to put their trust in you.

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