Secrets to Getting Your Resume Noticed in International Business

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In a sea of resumes, getting your resume noticed, when applying for a international business job, can be a challenge. Here are some secrets to getting your resume noticed and helping you land that next international business job.

Be concise – Don’t use filler language and fluffy words. Be clear and concise when highlighting your education and experience. Emphasize skills that are important to the international business field.

Include keywords – Including industry-specific keywords is vital to being noticed in today’s technically advanced world. With many companies utilizing keyword detection software, ensuring the inclusion of job-specific words can help get your resume noticed by a company whether they are using a software program or a human resources person.

Follow-up – Ensure that you follow up with every company to which you apply. Whether you follow-up with a phone call or an email, or both, following-up can make a big difference in how you are perceived by the company and whether you will be considered. Make sure you take the time to follow up. It shows your professionalism and sincerity in wanting the job.

Getting a job in international business can be competitive. Ensuring you have a stellar resume is half the battle, but making sure that stellar resume gets noticed is the other. Be certain you are being noticed during your job search.

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