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Below are some of the most valuable texts covering International Business along with a brief description of their content: 

International Business by Charles W.L. Hill (2010) Hill focuses on strategy and strings that focus throughout each section, covering areas such as government policy, business and organizational structure. With particular emphasis on the managerial level throughout the implementation of business strategy, Hill’s descriptions and case studies are extremely thorough and current. 

International Business (6th Edition) by Ricky W. Griffin and Michael Pustay (2009) This text covers everything from how to enter foreign markets, to managing in them and dealing with the legal and financial nuances of operating globally. This comprehensive overview also offers current information on HR, political issues along with social and ethical responsibility. 

International Business: Strategy, Management, and the New Realities by S. Tamer Cavusgil, Gary Knight and John Riesenberger (2007) This book revolves around the current state of international business and heavily covers emerging markets and small and mid-cap companies. 

International Business: The Challenge of Global Competition by Donald A. Bell (2003) This text covers topics ranging from marketing to HR to Trading and investing in the context of international business. Key sections include The International Environment,  Foreign Environmental Forces and The Organizational Environment. 

International Business: The Challenges of Globalization by John J Wild, Kenneth L Wild, Jerry C.Y. Han (2009) In a thorough and straightforward, this text touches on the nuances of international business today in regard to politics, law, ethics, financial markets, trade relations, marketing among others. The breadth of information covered is impressive as is the authors’ successful portrayal of so many issues in such clear and concise prose.

International Business Law and Its Environment  by Richard Schaffer, Filiberto Agusti and Beverley Earle (2009)  Using recent cases and citing current policies, this is an invaluable guide for navigating the changes and complications of doing business within a variety of different countries. Topics include trade finance, carriage of goods, tariffs and risk management.  

International Dimensions of Organizational Behavior by Nancy J. Adler and Allison Gundersen (2007) This book revolves more around the human side of international business, concentrating on communicating in a multicultural enviornment, managing a multicultural team and expatriate family dynamics. Adler and Gundersen devote a large portion of their coverage to how managers can be successful leaders and motivate their teams on a global level.

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