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Working internationally is a growing tend among business professionals, and statistics from some of the top MBA programs speak to the increasing number of graduates pursuing careers abroad. 

16% of the class of 2006 from Harvard Business School took a full time position internationally. In 2009, 23% did. 

13% of Columbia’s graduates in 2006 accepted international positions, whereas in 2009, 21% did. 

Only 4% of the University of Virginia’s Darden School of business headed overseas after graduation. In 2009, 11% chose to. 

The increase in this trend at many of the top B-schools suggests young, highly educated professionals are not only growing more open to pursuing opportunities across the globe in international business functions, they are finding more and more opportunities that exist outside of the US . Why? Myriad reasons have been cited from an economic shift thanks to the rapid growth of emerging market economies to an ever shrinking global trade landscape and a burgeoning number international corporations. 

Globalization isn’t just outsourcing low income and basic skill jobs overseas, it is expanding and organizing overall operations all over the world. In order to compete in today’s landscape, companies must play in multiple markets, but to ensure their success there, they must implement local management and develope a keen understanding of those markets. 

Both seasoned and newly minted business professionals not only recognize this reality, but are welcoming the opportunity and pursuing an education that will qualify them. 

Not an MBA candidate? Undergraduate business programs offer international business concentrations and there are various certification and training programs available such as the International Business Specialist   program which bolster knowledge of international business and job qualifications in the field.

When it comes to working in another country, the more education and training a professional has, the better equipped they will be to to take on a new world of business.

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