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Important Questions to Ask AFTER You Receive the International Business Job Offer

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Getting through the job application and interview can seem like the daunting part of your job hunt, but once you have received the international business job offer, you still have some work to do.  Though you have prepared for your job interview and you have finally been offered the job, you need to make sure you finalize the process and make your decision to accept the job only after you have received the answers to all your questions. You don’t want to accept a job that you truly don’t understand.

Here are some questions you will want to ask once you have received a job offer (though some may be asked before, some are much more appropriate for AFTER receiving the international business job offer).

  • What are the principal job responsibilities? This is a question that can be asked during the interview stage usually; however, if you did not get the details in the job interview, you will want to be clear on this aspect before formally accepting the job offer. Understanding exactly what the job entails is vital to success.
  • Why is this position open? You can ask this question during the interview stage as well. In fact, you may seem like you are just curious or “gossipy” if you ask after you have been offered the job. You want to know if it’s a new position, if the vacancy is available because the person was promoted up, or whether the last person quit. This can help you understand the climate of the job for which you are interviewing.
  • What are the chances and opportunities for raises and promotions? This is a question best left for after you have received a job offer. During the salary negotiations stage is the best time to discuss this.  As an international business professional, you will want to understand your advancement opportunities, just make sure you are tactful in how you approach the subject.
  • What are the time-off benefits?  This is definitely a question for after you have received an international business job offer. You will also want to consider whether it’s important and/or pertinent to ask before accepting the job. If it’s important to you because you need a specific amount of time off or have a pre-planned vacation that you are concerned about, be tactful and honest about why you are asking.

You may have some other specific job questions; however, make sure, when asking, you do not sound needy or entitled. If you really want the international business job, ask only the questions that are necessary for you to make your final decision and then make your informed decision.

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