How to Find an International Business Recruiter

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Many international business job hunters hope that they can get the attention of an international business recruiter. If you are one those jobseekers, you may wish to figure out some of the best way to find a recruiter and find your next international business job through a recruiter.

Here are some ways you can get on an international business recruiter’s radar and have them helping you find your next job.

Network – Like everything related to getting your next international business job, networking is imperative.  This is true for finding a recruiter as well. Recruiters network at professional groups, conventions, and through social media. You are sure to connect with a recruiter if you attend these events and become active online.

Connect Online – Whether you are using Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn, you want to find international business recruiters and connect through your LinkedIn profile or follow them on Twitter. Find a company you are interested in, look at their Facebook page, and then see if there are recruiters that are on there. Another thought is connecting through recruiters that might be from your alma mater. Don’t be afraid to use your school social media pages when looking for recruiters with which to network.

Keywords – Use keywords appropriate for the position you are interested in when writing your resume, cover letters, and basic networking correspondence will help you get the attention of the right recruiters.  Just be sure not to sound too phony when using keywords. Add them naturally to your correspondence.

Referrals – Don’t forget the usefulness of referrals. You can ask around to other colleagues, classmates, and professional mentors if they have a referral to an international business recruiter that you might contact. This can be an excellent way to get your foot in the door with a recruiter. Having a recommendation can look favorably on you as well.

Whether you are new to the job hunt, or looking to re-enter the workforce after some time, finding a good international business recruiter is an excellent way for you to maximize your job search efforts and find a job in the shortest amount of time.

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