Getting an Entry Level Position as an International Business Professional

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If you are starting out in the field of international business, you will likely be searching for an entry level position.  This can be a challenge at times; however, if you know where to look and talk with the right people you will likely be able to find an entry level position within your field in no time.

Looking for an entry level position can be challenging and highly competitive so you will want to market yourself well and ensure you have emphasized your experience and education.  But make sure you are indicating experience and education that is appropriate to the entry level job you are hoping to get.  This means you may have to be creative in how you show experience, especially if this will be your first job in international business.

Some common ways to find entry level jobs in your field is to look at job postings, talk with temporary employment firms, or even call around to companies and see what they have to offer.  However, the best way to find an entry level international business job is to get the word out that you are looking for an entry level job in international business. Networking is imperative in today’s job market and can be the best way to get your foot in the door of any industry.

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