Can I Reschedule My International Business Interview?

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You have been on the job search for some time and you finally have your first international business interview. However, you have a family emergency on the day of your interview; can you reschedule your interview? Of course you can; however, you need to make sure you following these tips to reschedule it smoothly and properly.

1-     Let them know as soon as you know – If you need to reschedule your interview, make sure you let the company know as soon as possible.  Yes, last minute issues can arise, but if you know you have a funeral to attend on that day and you know ahead of time, it is best to let them know as soon as you can to be courteous.

2-     Be polite – Make sure you are polite and apologetic for having to reschedule your interview. Talk directly with the person you schedule the interview with to make certain they know what has happened. If possible, reschedule immediately. Do not depend on a voicemail to ensure they received your message.

3-     Follow up – Follow up a rescheduled interview with an email to ensure there is no confusion. Also, be sure to use this follow up to thank the interviewer for rescheduling the interview. Be sure you show up for your next interview for sure.

Though you should do your best not to reschedule your interview, there are reasons that you may need to. Whether due to a family emergency or illness, if you do need to reschedule your interview, make sure you do so politely and in a timely manner.

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