5 Things Not to Ask in Your International Business Job Interview

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As an interviewee looking for your next (or first) international business job, you may be trying to determine your answers to typical job interview questions. As you are preparing for your job interview, in addition to being clear on your answers and having your suit pressed, you may want to think about some key questions not to ask in your international business job interview.

What will my salary be? – Though understanding your salary is important when it comes time to determine if the job is for you, it is important not to ask this question during a job interview. It indicates that you are only interested in the money, not in being a committed part of the international business team.

How much vacation do I get? – Again, benefits can be a selling point for a job, but it is best to wait until you are given a job offer to ask about these extras. Asking about the benefits like vacation, especially on your first interview, is a huge turnoff to a potential employer. Be sure to wait until an appropriate time to ask about a benefits package – like after you have gotten the job.

Can I telecommute? – Unless the job specifically advertised that the position was a telecommuting position, asking about the possibly to telecommute is a no-no.  Telecommuting, if accepted at a company, is generally reserved for committed and seasoned employees, as a benefit to their commitment and good work.  This is a question better asked after you have been working for the company for a while.

When do I start? – Though being confident is a good quality in international business, asking “when do I start” can be considered might presumptuous.  Some potential employers may consider this too much of an attitude and it could actually negatively affect you.  Instead of asking “when do I start,” consider asking about the next step in your interview process.  This will help you show your interest but keep the attitude in check.

What does your company do? – If you want to see how fast you can be out of the running for a job, ask them what the company does.  This will immediately show that you have not done any research on the company and indicate that you are looking for a job but this one, in particular, is not very important to you. One of the first things to do when preparing for a job interview is make certain you know what the company does.  If you do not know, and didn’t do your research, certainly don’t point it out in the interview.

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