4 Self-Marketing Tips for International Business Professionals

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Self-marketing is a very important part of today’s job seeking. An international business professional who is looking for a job needs to understand effective self-marketing. Here are a few way to self-market your international business professional skills and work toward getting your next job as an international business professional.

Website – A popular way to market yourself is to develop a personal website. Many international business professionals have personal websites to utilize during their job hunt. It is good to include the personal website address on your resume and business cards. Attaching it to your email signature line is also a good practice.

Email – Job seekers should always take the time to have a professional email address.  When looking for a job, it is best to have an email that is your name at a proven email address like my.name@gmail.com. This is not a good time to use your favorite cartoon character or hobby as your email address.

Social Networking – For today’s job seekers, it is important to be involved in social media. You need to make sure that your Facebook, Twitter and other social media pages are in good shape and professional. You want to use them to promote a positive image of yourself and allow interested employers to see something positive about you.

Forums – Forums on professional websites are an excellent place for you to visit and network with others in your field. It is good to participate in the forums and not just lurk. Starting conversations and asking for advice is good. It is best to be involved and not just try to self-promote. You will want to make sure you read the forum policies to see if you it is allowable for you to advertise that you are looking for a job. Remember to utilize your signature on your posts. This is a good way to lead prospects to your personal website or Facebook page.

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