3 Tips for Better Communication in International Business

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No matter where you are on the corporate ladder, communication is vital to your success.  In international business, learning to be a more effective communicator can be a great way to be more productive and professional in your job. Following these three tips for better communication can help you get started on a path to more effective communication with your coworkers.

#1 – Be Clear and Concise.  Don’t beat around the bush about what you are saying; make your point and your expectation clear and concise.  Ensuring you convey a message exactly the way it is meant is the best way to be certain that you are understood and that communication is effective regarding your topic.

#2 – Listen. Listening to your colleagues or supervisor is the best way to make sure that you understand what they are saying.  Knowing what your supervisor expects or understanding clearly the concerns of your subordinates is best for ensuring that everyone is on the same path toward meeting goals.

#3 – Repeat Yourself.  Whether you repeats yourself verbally or follow up verbal instruction or details with a summary email, repeating yourself and your expectations is the best way for any international business professional to ensure they are understood and that everyone knows the specifics you are communicating.

Following these few tips can have you on your way to be a more effective communicator in no time.  Just remember that the best international business professionals realize that communication is a two-way street and respect the opinions and concerns of everyone they are working with.

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