3 Things to Do This Week to Network as an International Business Professional

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Networking. We all hear the word. Use the word. Think about the work. As an international business professional, we need to be actively pursuing the word. We need to network.

Some international business professionals are naturally good at networking. They run in the right crowds. Are in the right places at the right times. Just innately known how to network. Networking can be the key to making the right connections within your field and ensuring that you find that next job as an international business professional.

If that is not you, here are 3 things you can do this week to network as an international business professional.

#1 – Spend 15 minutes on Linked In – If you have a Linked In profile, this week, log in, endorse some people you know, add a skill, update your resume, or update your picture. Even if you are not job hunting, having an updated profile as an international business professional is helpful. Then take some time to search for someone in a position similar to yours at a larger company or someone you know that you haven’t connected with and connect with them n Linked In. And now you have networked a little. If you don’t have a Linked In profile, get one.

#2 – Search for Connections on Facebook. – If you use Facebook professionally, search for an organization you work for or with and “Like” their page. Then find a question to answer or a statement to comment on. Get involved in the conversation. You might be surprised what connections you make.

#3 – Visit a Professional Organization Website. – If you, as an international business professional, are a member of a professional organization visit their website. If you are not a member, find a professional organization website visit and consider membership. Look for forums on the website where you can ask questions and share professional knowledge and resources. Ask and/or answer a question and start participating in dialogue. You never know who you might meet on a professional international business professional website. Remember to visit regularly.

As a international business professional, you need to make a concerted effort to network with other international business professional’s.  This helps you not only build your network but contributes to your professional knowledge, which is a benefit to any international business professional.

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