3 Things to Check on Your Resume before Applying for an International Business Job

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You are about to embark on your first job in the international business field. One of the first things you will need is an up-to-date resume. No matter what your turn around time is, you will want to ensure that you make certain some of the essential information is updated. Consider these three quick fixes to make certain your resume is ready for your job hunt.

1-     Contact Information – If you want to be offered a job, you will want the company to be able to contact you. Make certain your contact information is up-to-date and accurate. This means you should include you cellular phone number, a good and professional email address, and the name of any appropriate social networking accounts.

2-     Education/Skills – Make certain that any new training or job skills that show you have current skills and training in the international business field are included. Include degrees, training programs, certifications programs, and appropriate non-degree seeking courses.

3-     References – Whether you have references directly on your resume or simply have a list ready, be sure you have a current reference list that you can include or provide upon request. You want to have the name of the reference, his or her phone number, and email address.

Taking these few quick steps can make sure you appear prepared and professional. The few minutes that it takes can be well worth the time once you have the job. Having your materials proofed, updated, and accurate can save you from losing a job simply because you were unprepared.

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