3 Things Not to Do in Your International Business Interview

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Making sure you are at the top of your interview game is imperative to getting your next international business job.  It is important to know what to do in an interview but it is just as essential to know what NOT to do in an interview.  Keeping these tips in mind may help you make the most of your next job interview.

#1- Don’t Be Late – It is crucial to be on time to any job interview.  If you must be late, be sure to call ahead and let the company know.  You will want to be in the office and ready for your interview prior to the start time.  This way, when the interviewee is ready for you, you are not rushing in the door or out of breath from running up the stairs.

#2 – Don’t Be Distracted – Having a professional appearance and showing you are happy to be there is important.  If you are attentive to the interview questions and answer the questions you are asked in a professional and thorough way, you will certainly show your interest in the international business job.  Make sure you are dressed for the job you want and do not do things like dress too trendy or chew gum during your interview.

#3 – Don’t Exaggerate – You will be asked several questions about your current and past job experiences.  You will likely be asked for examples of when you did something or how you did something. Be sure that you are honest about your experiences.  It is important to remember that your information may be checked up on or you may be asked to implement something you discussed after you have gotten the job so don’t exaggerate or create experiences you have not had.

Getting your next international business job can be right around the corner so make sure that you are ready.  Following these tips and not making some of these common interview mistakes is a great way to be on your way to that job you are hoping for.

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