3 Things an International Business Professional Can Do to Make a Commute More Productive

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Commuting times can seem like a waste of time.  However, if you learn to use your commute time effectively, you will find that you can be a more productive international business professional once you arrive at your work, no matter how long your commute time is.

1-     Invest in a Voice Recorder.  A voice recorder can be an excellent way to utilize your commute time to organize your thoughts, make to-do lists, or even get started on correspondence.  Having your voice recorder ready as you commute gives you the opportunity to get a jump start on your day while commuting to work, helping you be ready and prepared for your day.

2-     Borrow Audio Books from the Library.  Another great way to use your commuting time is to keep your brain working and keeping yourself up on the latest trends and suggestions for the international business professional.  Borrow self-help library audio books or books specific to your field from the library.  This is a great way to use your time to better yourself.

3-     Make Your Cell Phone Hands-Free.  Making certain you can utilize your cellular phone hands-free is a great way to safely and productively use your cell phone during your commuting time.  Every international business professional has calls to return or make and maximizing your time by returning a call or two on your drive can be a great way to get a few things checked off your to-do list.

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