3 Common Networking Mistakes in International Business

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Networking is vital to your job search. If you are looking for a job or hoping to be looking for a job in the near future, it is imperative that you establish a good professional network.  However, when networking, there are misconceptions and mistakes that many job seekers make that need to be considered when trying to successfully network. Consider some of these common networking mistakes that international business job seekers make that can hinder their chances of getting a job.

#1- Not Talking to Their Everyday Acquaintances– There are individuals that you encounter while going about your everyday life. Sometimes you don’t even realize who these people are except in a casual sense. You may know they have a 5 year old and they sit behind you in church or that they always order a Vanilla Latte on Tuesday morning but what these individuals do for a living has never come up. Though this is fine, what if one of them is the head of a human resources department at a company you are hoping to work? What if one of them has been looking for someone with just the skills that you happen to have? If you are an international business job seeker, networking with these everyday acquaintances can be very important.

#2- Being Too Broad in their Networking – Most of us are too modest when networking. As an international business job seeker you want to make certain you are not too broad when stating that you are looking for a job. Do not understate your skills or the fact that you are actively seeking a job. Don’t ask someone if they “know of anything,” ask them if they know of exactly what you are looking for. Being too broad and too passive will not make an individual feel compelled to help nor make you seem too serious in your job search.

#3- Using Social Media Only – Social media is a great way to network. Sites like Facebook and Twitter allow you to get the word out that you are seeking a job and Linked In is a professional networking source by definition. However, these are not the only ways to network and possibly not the best depending upon the type of job you are looking for.  Make sure that you do not solely network via social media. Don’t forget you have a phone and voice– use them.

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